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2 comments on “Contact us!

  1. Patty Pann says:

    I can’t drink wine, and don’t drink lager so I have switched to having a dark rum cocktail when I go out for an evening with friends. But there seems to be a really lazy attitude to “grown up” dark rum cocktails – I am getting very bored with Dark and Stormy’s. I used to love Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Reduction at Holborn Dining Rooms but not only do the current staff not know what it is as it has gone from the menu, which they deny they have changed, but insisted it was a beer. Well dah! Reduced! I was recently at Hawkesmoor Piccadilly, which has a large bar range, and also at Loch Fyne, Covent Garden. Asked them to create something other than D&S, they asked me what I should suggest or offered me a Mohito. Really? I used to work for Diageo and they would have fun creating something or had a good knowledge for their customers. I am disappointed that they expect me to come up with something. Maybe I will write to Havana 7 and ask them for a book and take it with me. Sigh….


    • I’m not a massive rum fan meself (too sweet, personally), but my go to is a good old Rum Old Fashioned. Plus there are certainly more outside a Dark and Stormy. I believe I’ve had some good ‘grown up’ rum cocktails at (Click for review links) Sovereign Loss, Casita, Kilburn Ironworks, MASH, Trailer Happiness.
      Basically, type ‘rum’ into the Highball Hoodoo search bar if it helps =D

      The Holborn Dining Rooms’ Camden Town Treacle cocktail was fab, shame it’s off the menu!


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