Wolfburn Whisky Tasting @ The Iron Stag, Shoreditch

Clambering down the stairs of the Iron Stag, wrestling with a scarf, gloves and enormous coat from the cold, some scotch is exactly what you’re craving.

From one of the most Northern points of the nation comes Wolfburn, non-chill filtered Highland whiskies revived by the banks of the Wolf Burn, inspired by the sea-wolf, revived after many years of inactivity.

Gareth sits us down at Hoxton’s Iron Stag, restaurant above and cosy, dark bar below. By candlelight we sip the American Oak matured single malt, the Wolfburn Northland. On the nose, lightly briny and malty, with shiny of smoke carried on the air – but still rich with fruit. The whisky opens with honey roasted nuts, leading to floral and orchard fruits with hints of raisin, ending on a finish of seductive smoke. I suppose I’m starting with my favourite of the three, a peaty yet balanced dram.

Next, for the sweeter palates, the Aurora. A combo of ex-bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks create this smooth, almost syrupy whisky. The nose gives us pecans and cocoa, the flavour smooth and subtle in comparison to the Northland.
The signature nuttiness cascades with currant fruits and vanilla, with a sherried spice finish.

And finally, the Morven ends the evening with a peatier dram. A smoky nose if vanilla and oak precedes a palate of smoky vanilla, rich malt and honey, ending on a peppery and caramelly hint of ginger and sweetness. Beautiful.

Wolfburn is a fairly recent distillery, but their core range displays an instinct toward versatility and variety while still maintaining a core of Wolfburn flavours of nuttiness and light smoke, leaving us waiting to see what they have in store for us in future.

Till next time!


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