Cocktails at Home: Halo Drinks!

It’s no secret that the lockdown has hit the food and drinks industry pretty hard. And though we have lost icons across the globe like Harry’s Bar, we have to push forward and through.

The lockdown has, however, given the cocktail-delivery micro-industry a huge boost, and among them, Halo Drinks!

And it makes perfect sense. We’ve seen a spike in the pub quizzes on Zoom of those quarantined, with big ups in sales in retail and newsagents, so why not drink in style with the massive variety of cocktail delivery services by bars and companies across London.

Halo comes to us with over 50 years of combined experience behind the wheel, and a pretty solid selection of 9 cocktails in 5-7 serve bottles between 22 and 28 quid (4 quid cocktails? Yes, please!) and all you gotta do is pour em!

So with a sunny day on the balcony, let’s get pouring!

A summer classic, oh how I missed you: the Tommy’s Margarita serves up tequila blanco with lime and agave syrup for that perfect sunny tipple.

I was impressed! A little bit on the sweeter side for most Margs, but this bottle Tommy’s holds its own out there, and is pretty approachable for those shy of agave drinks.

The Rosé All Day is a playful summer cocktail with Provence Rosé wine, rum, rose liqueur, Cointreau, Pama pomegranate liqueur, rhubarb bitters and lemon

So this one right here is a custom by Halo, and runs the risk of of having a bit too much going on. However, it works. It sets out to be a sweet, light, summery swig that packs a punch. Deceptive and sly, you’re gonna catch yourself when you stand up from the picnic blanket.

I do wish there was a bit more differentiation between the flavours, but that’s me being picky. If you’re looking for a sweetly fruity and floral drink with a late kick, you found it.

Halo Drinks is one more in a line of companies and bars setting out to deliver cocktails around the city, and they’re doing a great job at it. My one real critique would be to list the brands involved in their cocktails too, though that isn’t the end of the world now is it?

Pour yourself a Rosé All Day and question what day it is in the sun.

Delivering London-wide withing the S/N Circular, Halo Drinks donates 1 GBP per drink to Age UK, which are also doing their part during the Covid 19 crisis.

Halo Drinks, Hampstead

Delivery Times midday to 6pm, Thurs-Saturday