Ohayo Tomorrow Hangover Cure – Reviewed!

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The sun’s up.

The curtains are drawn. You don’t want to risk getting out of bed. It could be the nausea. It could be the wildest headache that makes you think a coma would be a better idea.

And oh, look at that. It’s a weekday.

The Hoodooist resorts to a whole artillery of hangover cures on a night out – the kitchen is just a giant prep of everything from seltzer to chocolate chip brioche to paracetamol to Angostura bitters, a Pickleback and a steak if he can turn the hob on.

And I don’t care if coffee is bad for a hangover, touch my mug and say goodbye to your hand.

And with that list of ‘cures’ – it’s kind of unbelievable when one company says it can cure any hangover with one tiny bottle to drink before bed.

Ohayo Tomorrow Hangover Cure


Cue: OHAYO Tomorrow – it makes some pretty serious claims. “OHAYO is not a cure, but a prevention aid. By drinking the product as the last drink of the night, before bed, the body has a night’s sleep to reabsorb the essentials.”

The ‘doctor’s secret’ used by partying medical students is  “Packed full of B vitamins, electrolytes, and all-natural ingredients like milk thistle, OHAYO puts the good stuff back into your body. That way, the hangover never sets in to begin with.”

According to a pre-launch study – “100% of participants said taking the product helped the next day.”
The Hoodooist, being a nerd, was instantly skeptical with the word ‘helped’ being thrown in there, so was cautious with these claims – but anything that can help with a hangover, he’s happy to tackle.

Ohayo Tomorrow Hangover Cure

Instructions were simple enough – shake well, drink last thing before bed.
Probably his favourite bit was the fact that under the removable label is a glow-in-the-dark logo so you can’t miss in stumbling around in the dark.

The Hoodooist stared at the 3 little bottles. He hatched a mini-study in his head, a bottle for each condition:

Control Condition: Food, water before bed, but no OHAYO.
Condition 1: Drink OHAYO before bed without food or water.
Condition 2: Drink OHAYO before bed after only a pint of water.
Condition 3: Drink OHAYO before bed with both food & water.

It was time to go to the source of all hangovers – Casita, Shoreditch. This was gonna hurt.


Ohayo Tomorrow Hangover Cure

Gulp. Night 1.

Control Condition:

A control condition involved a night without OHAYO – rating on the hangover scale: “Screw it, going back to bed.”


Condition 1:

Cue awkward strip/stumble between door and bed – the bedside table had a glow in the dark logo smile back – following the instructions one can still follow when the room is spinning: shake well, down.

What nobody warned me about is the taste! It can take a while to get used to, but by the third experiment, he was starting to get accustomed to it. It might not be the best thing to taste after a night on the town, but it’s not intolerable. Kinda like off Miso soup. Or something.

Wake up the next morning to exactly what you’d expect to a no-food-no-water condition – everything still hurt and my throat is on fire – resort to traditional hangover cure spread. I suspected it may have been better than a usual hangover, but I did decide to be a little strict with it considering there were still two more bottles to go.

So far, one thing was for certain: drinking OHAYO without food or water will not make a massive difference to the hangover experience.

Ohayo Tomorrow Hangover Cure

I swear it was their fault.

Condition 2:

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last experiment – so here Hoodooist and gang were at Casita all over again.

Back to the strip and stumble and crash montage – this time, a pint of water before turning to the little white bottle of OHAYO.

The morning is a bit harsh, but certainly not as bad as Condition 1. No headache, however things are a bit fuzzy – A major improvement on that front. However, the water hasn’t particularly helped with the acidity and nausea.

Compared to the Control and Condition 1: a decent improvement on the hangover – but could do better before using the word ‘cure’.

At this point, the Hoodooist is becoming quite cautiously optimistic.

Ohayo Tomorrow Hangover Cure

At least the sun was still up?

Condition 3:

Oh, is that our bar tab.

With that call to go home, the Hoodooist manages to get food in himself, and down a couple glasses of water, just like in the Control Condition – but now finishing up with the OHAYO. Still not the best taste to end a night, but he’s getting used to it.

It’s been a few weeks since Condition 2, so he’s glad he took notes on the last experience.

Sleep ends all too quickly, the sun is up and – so is he. There is no headache, no fuzziness. Light doesn’t hurt and there is *colour* in the world!

Acidity is still a minor issue – but nothing a breakfast can’t fix. Luckily it’s a weekend, so he get’s to spend the day stuffing his face in bed anyway, but man, what a major improvement on all previous conditions!

Though acidity is still present, it’s a minor issue that a little bit of determination and food can solve, and he’s in a good enough condition to get to work if he had to.

Hangover Scale: “I suddenly understand the virtues of power-walking,” and/or “Is this the real life?”



The Hoodooist’s skepticism did have it’s perks though – you want to make sure you get some food and water in you the night before along with your OHAYO.

As we saw in the Control Condition – food and water without OHAYO hurts – so having a bottle at home is always good.
OHAYO makes a fantastic addition to dealing with the hangovers, and seems to have more or less eliminated mine in Condition 3, but it is NOT a replacement for food and water.

Of course, you have to consider DRINKING RESPONSIBLY. It is also important to remember to make sure you keep an eye on your alcohol intake: Prevention is always better than a cure, but when push comes to shove, you know your OHAYO Tomorrow will be on your side.

And speaking of which – I need to restock my fridge.


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Best of luck on New Year’s morning!


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