Nutella Negroni special @ Duck and Waffle, Bishopsgate

At first, the Hoodooist met the ‘World Nutella Day‘ with the same cynicism he meets most marketing holidays from that to Valentine’s – I mean, even in the same month!

But he changed his mind quickly enough at the Duck and Waffle in Bishopsgate.

For one month only, the sky-high bar and restaurant will be hosting their limited edition delicacy, the Nutella Negroni!

Masterminded by resident Head of Cocktail and Spirit Development, Richard Woods, self-professed love of ‘obscure’ flavours, decided to go with the all too familiar and well-loved flavour of Nutella for this February 2015’s limited edition drink, the Nutella Negroni.

The Nutella Negroni

The Nutella Negroni

40 floors high, enjoy Bombay gin double distilled with Nutella, Martini Rosso red vermouth, and Campari to make a sweet drink for those of us who generally avoid sweet drinks – and a surprisingly still rather effective apertivo.

On the nose, the enveloping signature aroma of Nutella, but also something heady, like orange zest and spice.

The texture is cool. Smooth. Thick and layered. Even the texture is seductive.

Flavourwise, this is a drink that is distinctly a Negroni, as well as distinctly, well, Un-Negroni. Perhaps it is the melding of Negroni flavours presented in a sweet drink instead of the quinine-bitterness that causes that uncanniness.

The most notable flavour is undeniably the Nutella, with its chocolate hazelnut. But the spirits add great complexity to this drink. After the initial sweetness, you will notice winter spices like cloves or cinnamon (maybe nutmeg?) on the sides of one’s tongue, the sudden tangy overture of orange – flavours strongly present in the Rosso and Campari, yet without the dryness or bitterness that accompanies either.

The aftertaste is strongly nutty, with the more complex notes of the Martini Rosso.

After a few sips, the gin is slightly more notable, but never takes centre stage here. No, this drink belongs almost entirely to the Nutella. A powerful flavour, but a lovable one.


In short? It’s a brilliant drink. I was almost surprised by how much I enjoyed this – not the overly-sweet cocktail I was expecting, and neither a bitter Negroni, the Nutella Negroni still makes an excellent apertivo while being a well-balanced, complex phenomenon that I highly suggest should be enjoyed before the month is over.

Get thee to Duck and Waffle and grab yourself one of these!

Damage: 14 GBP

40th Floor of Heron Tower,
110 Bishopsgate,
London EC2N 4AY


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