Yelp’s Elite Endless Summer Garden Party

Quite a mouthful, no?
Yelp has an edge over competitors with it giving back to users in the form of its occasional parties, open to press and the most proficient Yelp users, called the Elite, for loyal participation. This year’s Endless Summer Garden Party was hosted at the recently opened Isis Education Centre at the Hyde Park LookOut, a former police observation point which is now an education centre where children learn about nature and wildlife.

Kooky Bakes!

Kooky Bakes!

Tuxes donned, the crowd traverses up to the LookOut where Yelp hosts stalls of the likes of the popular MeatLust brand serving up spicy beef sliders to Louisiana lamb chops, sharing the spot light with the travelling London market stall: Colonel Tom’s Gumbo.

Highlight in the gastronomy department was still Kooky Bake’s (popularly present at KERB events, click HERE for review of the KERB Ice Cream Adventure!) S’mores, going down fantastically with Biju Bubble Tea’s boba cha!


Biju Bubble Tea, now on Old Compton St!

Biju Bubble Tea, now on Old Compton St!

But when not stuffing your face, you could instead grab drinks prepared by Chambord raspberry liqueur’s sponsor, while playing croquet and overlooking the Serpentine, or giant Jenga – if not shopping for Mexican snacks and wares at La Tiendita (Who deliver!), or Ay Que Chula. That is, when not wandering round the myriad of ponds and look outs meandering through the thickets of trees decorated with shimmering mirrors. But the twilight beauty of the venue reminds us of the purpose of the Isis Education Centre as well, to provide students in a city, though one of the greenest cities in Europe, one so separated for nature, a place to develop their understanding of it, and further the preservation of the Royal Parks.


For information on becoming a Yelp Elite, see

The Royal Parks Foundation accept donations, for further information, see


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